Generation III Gun is an exciting nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization focused on promoting the competitive shooting sports to juniors. Junior shooters are the future of the 2nd Amendment. We will strive to educate juniors about the important role that they will play in the future of firearms in this country through the enjoyment and camaraderie of competitive shooting sports. We aim to become the organization that ensures that every junior shooter that wants to attend a 3 gun match can. Our goal is to reimburse junior shooters for every major 3 gun match entry fee. Once that goal is accomplished, we will focus on our ultimate goal of ensuring that any junior that wants to shoot a major match has the resources they need to do so.

Chad Francis


Chad spent 25 years in the Army as a Sergeant First Class, the last 10 years running the marksmanship and competition program for the Missouri Army National Guard.  He started shooting 3 gun in 2008 and started putting on matches in 2010.  He resides in St. Thomas, Missouri and owns a gun Range in Iberia, where monthly 3 gun matches are held.  Chad serves as the Match Director for the Generation III Gun Championship and handles all sponsorships.  Chad is a Founder of Generation III Gun, Inc and serves on the Board.  He is married to Julie, a father of 3 wonderful girls, one of which (Katie) is a competitive shooter.  In his professional life he is a private security manager.

Jeff Welsh


Jeff founded Generation III Gun, Inc in 2013 with Chad and Jesse and serves on its Board.  He runs the business end of the company, and sends out scholarships to the juniors.  He is also allowed to keep the grass mowed at the range.  Working in the banking industry for the last 30 years, Jeff became involved in 3 gun in 2009.  Jeff calls Lake of the Ozarks home and is married to Gayla and they have one son.  The inspiration behind the name of the organization (Generation III Gun, Inc.) came from Jeff, his father, John and his son Jack all shooting 3 gun competitively at the same time.

Jesse Tischauser


This former Army Staff Sergeant grew up around guns in the home of a firearms dealer. Jesse made an immediate and profound impact on the world of 3 Gun, but also is involved in many different shooting disciplines. Jesse is best known and most often imitated for his promotion of sponsors and his prolific online presence. In his private time, he is involved in the nursery business in Guthrie, Oklahoma with his wife Tara. Jesse is a Founder of Generation III Gun, Inc and serves on the Board.

Josh Loganbill

Member of Board of Directors

Josh is a rapidly rising 3 gun open shooter, gunsmith and co-owner of Tooth and Nail Armory with his father, Matt.  Together, they manage a successful gun store and 2 private gun ranges in Laurie and Gravois Mills, MO.  Josh is the brains behind the Midwest 3 Gun Series held at his and Chad’s ranges.  For several years Josh has hosted local 3 gun matches that are often described as “Mini Majors” because of their level of difficulty.  Josh and his dad have been involved with Generation III Gun for many years and in 2017, Josh served as the Range Master for the Generation III Gun Championship.  He is a member of the Board of Directors and sets up our prize table.  Josh lives in Laurie, MO with his wife, Jess and 3 children, with another on the way.

Sandra Orvig

Administration, Member of Board of Directors

Sandra is a paralegal who lives in Charleston, SC and donates her time as the Statistician for the match and we are very fortunate to have her!  In 2017 she joined the Board of Directors.  Sandra is an active 3 gun shooter and well respected in the industry.  She started shooting USPSA in 2003 and moved into 3 Gun in 2007.

David Power

Member of Board of Directors

David Power is the Vice President of Sales for Oneida Molded Plastics, LLC (OMP). OMP is a firearms component supplier of plastics injection molded parts, assembly, and decorating to several major OEM companies in the firearms industry.

David has been a sponsor, competitor, range officer, range master, and match director for numerous matches all over the country for over 15 years. He also is the founder and lead for the Industry Choice Awards Evaluations. David is probably is best known for the famous “HIT” calls that he bellows at any competition. He currently serves on the board of the 2A Heritage Junior camps as well as is a philanthropist utilizing his auctioneering skills for many other industry organizations including Mission 22, MoHawk Outdoors, Night Stalkers Association, DC Project, Task Force Dagger, Kids and Clays, NSSF, Scouts, First Marine Division Foundation, and many more great organizations.

As a Father of 4, David understands the mission and need of Generation III and is proud to become a part of the team for Generation III 3 Gun.